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Pound Cake

I fell in love with pound cake during the summer I spent in San Francisco. It’s the soft yet firm texture I love and the many flavours you can enjoy, plain, chocolate, orange, coffee, nuts and it also work wonderfully toasted. For some reason I have never got around to making it and now quite a few recipes have accumulated for it. On seeing a recipe for it on I decided now was the time! The fact that it also used Nutella was extremely encouraging!!

It’s also very easy to make. You beat the eggs seperately in one dish, you beat the butter and sugar in another and mix the flour in the last. Then gradually add everything to the fluffy butter and sugar mixture. It then says to layer the batter and spread the nutella in your greased tin – battter, nutella, batter, nutella, batter. The ‘spreading’ of the nutella did not go so well, was more like, sploging!  Still worked fairly well and I didn’t use as much as was stated in the recipe. As you can see in the pictures I also did not put enough batter on the bottom layer, live and learn I say!

The only part I did not like was the removal of the cake from the tin and the 2 hour cooling time!!! Damn that tin!!! Having greased it well and floured it lightly I figured the cake would slide out nice and easy (silly me forgetting the disastrous banana bread fiasco last month). The pound cake refused to leave the tin, or the tin refused to let go, regardless of my  attempts to gently coax it away from the edges. After some work it came free, losing only a part of it’s bottom, which nobody will notice anyway!

The tin is sitting next to the bin…I am undecided whether to give it one last chance!

Letting it cool proved most difficult. Having baked it for an hour and 15 minutes the room had filled with a wonderfully sweet, chocolaty aroma. I was almost drooling at the smell of it! We lasted an hour and 40 minutes before tenderly cutting two slices.

The texture was perfect and the melty gooey nutella layers were heavenly. Himself claimed it to be like if a cookie was made into a cake! I took this as a compliment!

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Dinner & a Movie

I went for a bite to eat after work with two of the gals. The food, unfortunately, was nothing to rave about, to be honest, it lacked in flavour. Though the company was fabulous ;)…and the movie…it was truthfully the most delightful, charming and engaging movie I have seen in awhile. The three of us emerged from the cinema smothered in smiles! Whether you’re a foodie or not, I urge you to go see Julie & Julia. It will leave you with a lovely happy, content feeling. So go, go see it!